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PostSubject: zute: hunter app   zute: hunter app Icon_minitimeThu Sep 11, 2008 8:44 am

hello, this is a different kind of a good friend of rikimaru whos in your guild currently and as farendell knows im making this application for
the expansion to hopefully start raiding with you guys. as most guilds now are slowing down with the exp so close.

1. Profile
Character Name: Zute
Character Race: night elf
Character Class: Hunter

2. Availability
When we raid, we usually go between 19:00 and 23:00 server time. Which evenings a week can you attend?

perfect hours for me i used to raid pretty much 24/7 so every day is fine.

3. Friends
Do you know anyone in The Legend Reborn who can vouch for you?


4. Guild History
What other guilds have you been a member of? Why did you leave them?

pre-tbc i used to be in Dark Deeds on this server raiding as a warlock but had to leave them due to a buisness which i had opened up and playing wow/raiding
i couldnt really carry it on. and once the exp came out i was working alot so i wasnt very active.

5. Internet Connection
Do you experience lag or other connection issues when playing on Burning Legion?

20meg connection no dc's. so good to go

6. Guild Expectations
Why are you applying for The Legend Reborn? What do you expect to gain from a membership?

ive been told your a good guild and looking for a good group of experienced people to start raiding with when the expansion finally hits and to start progressing. what do i expect to
gain from a membership well a friendly raiding atmosphere mainly and to still be able to have fun in this game, but what can you can expect from me is a loyal player whos willing to
help anyone im a friendly person to boot and would be a good addition to the team.

7. in game PVE equipment
List your current equipment by posting a link to your Armory profile.

as i said this app isnt for raiding mh/bt and as farendell knows this isnt my only 70 6th to be exact with the hunter being the lastest ones ive lvled to 70 and would want to raid with it. the gear isnt exactly great im not planning to gear this up to raid now im just gettin ready for the expansion.

8. PvE and PvP
What do you mostly do, when not in an instance? PvE/PvP/Both?

its was always PvE but of course i like pvp now and again but it isnt what im after

9. Instances
Do you have experience from any higher level instances? If yes, please state which ones.

pre tbc: ZG, ONY, MC, BWL, AQ20, Aq40 to twins, and ofc naxx
tbc: which i actually raided on a different server as a undead mage. ZA,Kara, maggy, gruul, ssc to vashj, 2 bosses in TK with loot reaver ofc. then returned to burning legion.

10. Heroic keys
To which heroic instances are u attuned?

nearly all of them as ive only dinged 70 over a week ago with this hunter.

11. Profession
What are your professions? and do u have any rare recipes?

at the moment i have 375 skinning and waiting for inscription once the patch comes out to be my 2nd prof. but i have every prof maxed apart from blacksmith, engin.

12. English proficiency
Is your English good enough to communicate with fellow guild members?

im from the uk so my english is fine. have a mic, vent, ts and all that

13. About
Tell us about yourself. What is your name? How old are you? Where you from? What are your interests outside World of Warcraft?

my names matt, im 25 yrs old and i live in the UK in bristol to be exact. outside of WoW i run my own buisness a very popular music shop ( drum'n'bass, hard dance that kinda thing) so i can choose my hours to work im also mad on football and any other sport tbh. still enjoy playing fps games with rikimaru whos ive known for far to many years now. but im always playing wow to much.

i would like to add as you havent got a question for this, i currently have 4 alliance 70's on this server ( lock, holy priest,hunter,feral druid) with a 65 mage, 61 warrior and other low lvl's with two lvl70 horde chars on al'kir ( 70 mage yes i got two , 70 rogue, lvl60 warrior) but i plan to settle down to only 1 char when the exp hits.
so im a very active as rikimaru will tell you.

cheers for reading this hope to hear from you soon.
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PostSubject: Re: zute: hunter app   zute: hunter app Icon_minitimeThu Sep 11, 2008 8:53 am

oi noob you forgot to post that you're a famous gnome abuser ^^

anyways this is a very nice application and i think this is the kind of experienced people that we need in our guild, with this maturity!
as matt said i've know him for some years now since we played a lot of games together already and he' would be a very good addition to this guild!
indeed atm his gear is shite, not even kara specced...but who cares since we don't raid atm and the exp is almost there and we all have to start all over again....and when we do he will be the one who will be 80 fast, helping us progressing trough it all...

i say get him in....specially since he's one of the few hunters that knows how to play the class and isn't a hunTARD...besides he can play any class really as i've noticed so far....and he has his other 70's aswell ...

i say get him in NOW :p

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PostSubject: Re: zute: hunter app   zute: hunter app Icon_minitimeThu Sep 11, 2008 12:59 pm

heey Zute,

We have talked in game and u do sound like an experienced/motivated/very active player.
This is exactly what we are looking for! As we will not do any raiding before the expansion
and just want active players to lvl to 80 asap.

Just 2 questions:
1) Will ur hunter be ur main in the expansion?
2) Are u willing to lvl one of your alts to 80 if we need that specific class?
I can understand if you just want to play with ur hunter, so just be honest.

Since the hunter officer is taking a Wow break, I will discuss this with the other officers
and get back to you soon Smile
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PostSubject: Re: zute: hunter app   zute: hunter app Icon_minitimeThu Sep 11, 2008 1:14 pm

yeah this hunter be my main char but im still going to lvl up the others when i have time and of course i will lvl up a alt faster if its needed. ive played the expansion beta enough so its easy to lvl up fast.^^
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PostSubject: Re: zute: hunter app   zute: hunter app Icon_minitimeFri Sep 12, 2008 2:45 am

he hax anyways, altho we usually lvl together he has more (70) chars then me Sad hax i tell you :p

deathknight perhaps? Smile

anyways...someone give the poor fella an inv :p
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PostSubject: Re: zute: hunter app   zute: hunter app Icon_minitime

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zute: hunter app
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